Hey, are you looking for the best of the best? Well, I used to list everything here that I watched and rated 3.5 and higher, which was rather fair. That said, I know time is a valuable thing and wrestling is arguably better in the modern era than ever before. So, starting with the 2021 recommendations and moving forward, I will only be adding matches rated 4 and higher here. It should make for a cleaner list, which is a bonus. Of course, you can find my reviews in the blog by looking around or using the search bar if you need more than what's listed here, as always.

Also, note that I color coded these.
For singles and non-tag men's matches, look for this color.
For men's tag matches, trios, atomicos, ciberneticos, etc. look for this color.
For women's matches of all forms, look for this color.
For mixed matches, look for this color.

If you spot any bloopers, even in regards to color coding issues, let me know.  


-Kota/White 01/05 (NJPW)

-SHINGO/Tanahashi 01/30 (NJPW)


-Okada/Ospreay 01/04 (NJPW)

-Cobb/SHINGO 01/05 (NJPW)

-Sting, Darby/Team Taz 03/07 (AEW)

-Baker/Thunder 03/11 (AEW)


-Fenix/Omega 01/06 (AEW)

-Gargano/KUSHIDA 02/14 (WWE)

-Bandido/Flamita/Rey Horus 03/26 (ROH)

-Cole/O'Reilly 04/08 (WWE)

-Young Bucks/Death Triangle 04/08 (AEW)

-Alexander/TJP 06/03 (IMPACT)


-Naito/Kota 01/04 (NJPW)

-Balor/O'Reilly 01/06 (WWE)

-Kongo/Go, Kaito, Marufuji, Sugiura 01/10 (NOAH)

-Laredo Kid/Aramis/Octagon Jr 02/07 (AAA) 

-Starlight Kid/Giulia 02/13 (STARDOM)

-MSK/GYV 02/14 (WWE)

-Balor/Dunne 02/14 (WWE)

-White/Ishii 02/27 (NJPW)

-Shida, Suruga, Rin/Emi, Ito, VENY 02/28 (AEW)

-Giulia/Tam 03/03 (STARDOM)

-Mox/Omega 03/07 (AEW)

-Sheamus/McIntyre 03/21 (WWE)

-Ilja/Gradwell 03/25 (WWE)

-Dak/Gresham 03/26 (ROH)

-Volador/Bandido 03/26 (CMLL)

-WALTER/Ciampa 04/07 (WWE)

-Bryan/Reigns/Edge 04/11 (WWE)

-Reigns/Bryan 04/30 (WWE)

-Ayato/Taishi 05/30 (2AW)


-Miyu/Itoh 01/04 (TJP)

-Hiromu/Ishimori 01/05 (NJPW)

-Raquel/Rhea 01/06 (WWE)

-Darby/Cage 01/07 (AEW)

-Irie, Okabayashi/Nakanoue, Aoki 01/11 (BJW)

-WALTER/A-Kid 01/14 (WWE)

-Rey Horus/Dragon Lee 01/15 (ROH)

-Omega, Good Brothers/Sabin, Swann, Moose 01/16 (IMPACT)

-Foundation/Shane Taylor Promotions 01/22 (ROH)

-Mayu/Tam 01/24 (STARDOM)

-Reigns/KO 01/31 (WWE)

-Los Mazisos, Crazy King, Mago, Simbolo Azteca/Gamer, Dayami, Devitt, Killer, Luigi 01/31 (Vanguardia)

-Archer, Mox/Omega, KENTA 02/04 (AEW)

-Fenix, Laredo Kid/Taurus, Abismo Negro Jr 02/07 (AAA)

-Hiromu/SHO 02/10 (NJPW)

-Foundation, Yuta/Foundation, Yehi 02/12 (ROH)

-Deeb/Riho 02/17 (AEW)

-Cesaro/Bryan/Jey/Corbin/KO/Zayn 02/21 (WWE)

-DASH, Miko/Rin, Mio 02/23 (SENDAI)

-Yuka/Ryo 02/28 (AEW)

-Mayu/Yoshiko 03/03 (STARDOM)

-Young Bucks/Inner Circle 03/07 (AEW)

-Matt Jackson/Fenix 03/10 (AEW)

-Especie Maligna, Halcon Magic/Legendario, Lunatik Fly 03/14 (IWRG)

-LFI/Foundation 03/19 (ROH)

-Omega/Sydal 03/24 (AEW)

-Omega, Good Brothers/Lucha Bros, Laredo Kid 03/25 (AEW)

-Io/Raquel 04/07 (WWE)

-Rampage/WALTER 04/08 (WWE)

-Banks/Belair 04/10 (WWE)

-Shida/Conti 04/21 (AEW)

-Swann/Omega 04/25 (IMPACT)

-Pinnacle/Inner Circle 05/05 (AEW)

-Young Bucks/SCU 05/12 (AEW)

-KO/Crews/Zayn/Big E 05/21 (WWE)

-Deeb/Riho 05/30 (AEW)

-Young Bucks/Wild Things 05/30 (AEW)

-Omega/PAC/Orange 05/30 (AEW)

-Omega/Jungle Boy 06/26 (AEW)