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Red's 2021 Wrestling Match Recommendations

Below are my picks for the best matches of the year. Anything listed here I consider worth checking out. The cutoff rating is ***1/2, which is the lowest rating I personally consider recommendable.

Also, note that I color coded these.
For singles and non-tag men's matches, look for this color.
For men's tag matches, trios, atomicos, ciberneticos, etc. look for this color.
For women's matches of all forms, look for this color.
For mixed matches, look for this color.

If you spot any bloopers, even in regards to color coding issues, let me know.  



-Sting, Darby/Team Taz 03/07 (AEW)

-Baker/Thunder 03/11 (AEW)


-Fenix/Omega 01/06 (AEW)


-Starlight Kid/Giulia 02/13 (STARDOM)

-Shida, Suruga, Rin/Emi, Ito, VENY 02/28 (AEW)

-Mox/Omega 03/07 (AEW)


-Darby/Cage 01/07 (AEW)

-Rey Horus/Dragon Lee 01/15 (ROH)

-Foundation/Shane Taylor Promotions 01/22 (ROH)

-Mayu/Tam 01/24 (STARDOM)

-Archer, Mox/Omega, KENTA 02/04 (AEW)

-Foundation, Yuta/Foundation, Yehi 02/12 (ROH)

-Deeb/Riho 02/17 (AEW)

-Yuka/Ryo 02/28 (AEW)

-Young Bucks/Inner Circle 03/07 (AEW)

-Matt Jackson/Fenix 03/10 (AEW)


-Jungle Boy/Dax 01/21 (AEW)

-Gresham/Keys 01/29 (ROH)

-Syuri/Momo 01/30 (STARDOM)

-Syuri/AZM 02/13 (STARDOM)

-Emi/VENY 02/15 (AEW)

-Archer/Fenix 02/18 (AEW)

-Thunder/Riho 02/28 (AEW)

-Shida/Ryo 03/07 (AEW)


-Utami/Maika 01/17 (STARDOM)

-Starlight Kid/Tam 01/17 (STARDOM)

-Good Brothers, Young Bucks/Dark Order 01/21 (AEW)

-Death Triangle, Mox/Omega, Good Brothers 02/03 (AEW)

-Kamitani/Tam/Giulia/Utami 02/14 (STARDOM)

-Donna del Mondo/Oedo Tai 02/14 (STARDOM)

-Yuka/Suruga 02/15 (AEW)

-Ryo/Ito 02/15 (AEW)

-Mox, Fenix, Archer/Kingston, Butcher & Blade 02/17 (AEW)

-LFI/Briscoes 02/19 (ROH)

-Emi/Yuka 02/22 (AEW)

-Casino Tag Team Battle Royale 03/07 (AEW)


Currently I've only caught up on AEW and ROH but will be adding more frequently as time allows.