1.Riho, Death vs STARS **

2.Oedo Tai vs Queen's Quest ***

3.Donna del Mondo vs Queen's Quest ***1/4

4.Grab the top vs AphroditE ***1/4


This edition covers the start of the 2020 Goddesses of STARDOM Tag League.

Up first, Riho and Death Yama-san against STARS' Mayu and Starlight Kid. The Riho/Mayu spots were fun and the entire thing had a touch of comedic value, including the finish. It was okay for what it was and an decent enough kick off for #45.

A chaotic waterfall of action followed as we got the end of OT and QQ going to battle next, which featured a nice ending that saw Utami about to take the W for her team when the time ran out. Good stuff.

The third match saw DdM's Giulia and Maika take down Momo and AZM with the peddle kept down for a high octane display of tag team entertainment. DdM have grown on me a lot.

The main came from the second night of the tournament, with Himeka and Syuri defeating Saya and Utami which was arguably MOTN and saw the DdM side walk out tall.

One of the more skippable episodes of We are STARDOM!! for sure, but far from a bad one.

Overall Rating: 65/100%