We are STARDOM!! #43 Review

1.Wonder of STARDOM Title: Giulia(c) vs Tam ***3/4
2.World of STARDOM Title: Mayu(c) vs Syuri ***1/2

This series has replaced W1's weekly show as my favorite. I absolutely love the roster and the length of each is perfect for me. My daughter also loves it, which is the cherry on top. I plan on continuing to cover the series, so keep an eye out as I work toward the end of 2020 content.

Also, note that the next review posts will include episode of We are STARDOM!, two episodes of Ring of Honor TV, AEW Full Gear, NWA Shockwave #4, and a variety of grab bag style pulls. I also have an essay style post on ChocoPro in the works. I also hope to start watching ONE again soon.

This episode was one of the best of the year, with two major matches from the Yokohama Cinderella gig.

The Wonder of STARDOM strap was defended with champion Giulia against Tam first, joined in progress. As far as episode openers go, this was magic and a great, high octane battle. The Glorious Driver put Tam away in the end but the fire and spirit displayed was far from extinguished. 

Last, Mayu put the World belt on the line against Syuri, also joined in progress in interest of time. I don't mind the format of the series for the record, but I know some might. Just a heads up for those that haven't jumped in yet that might be surprised when they do. Our main, as it aired, started with a apron german, a tope suicida, and a duo of crucifix bombs. They traded blows and dramatic near falls, but inevitably, the champion walked away victorious once more thanks to a gorgeous dragon suplex! Very good stuff. 

In all, this was another highly enjoyable edition of We are STARDOM! and another episode worth checking out!

Overall Rating: 80/100%

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