Review Roundup of Missed Content #17: AEW October 2020


1. TNT Title, Dog Collar: Brodie Lee(c) vs Cody (10/07) ****1/4

2. Penta el Zero M vs Rey Fenix (10/21) ***3/4

3. Kenny Omega vs Penta el Zero M (10/22) ****


I'm trying something new out, seeing if it helps me speed through faster. Seeing as I approved my blog for monetization recently (though am still waiting for them to approve me) I figured if this was the closest to "click bait" that I come, than it's no harm done, and honestly it's not really anything close. 

Anyway, on to the reviews!

Cody can be truly great, especially when paired with the right person in the right situation. A dog collar match against a fellow like Brodie is exactly the right situation. A quick side note, but apparently Cody's hair color here was a reference to a huge Superman arc from my childhood. While I enjoy that story and I appreciate the very subtle reference, I must also admit that I find it funny that he was surprised no one took note of it seeing as the way he played it could barely be called an actual reference. I'd also like to mention how impressive it is seeing the Dark Order go from being a relative dud last year to one of the more central and enjoyable parts of AEW. Anyway, speaking of color, these two put on a colorful show in from of The Hammer. Even Silver, working as Brodie's second, got some red flowing. Did you know that Silver was once the CZW Heavyweight Champ? A fun fact from the days when I used to work for that company. But yea, coffee based ramblings aside, props because this was an exciting use of the stipulation, both came off looking great, and the entire encounter was truly fantastic with the right amount of bloody violence and drama mixed together.

An old friend of mine that passed earlier in the year would have loved to have seen this one. RIP Sean.

The Lucha Bros going one on one always tends to be fun and this was no exception. Brothers hit harder. I love that Eddie joined on commentary and love even more that he came out representing 'Cuse! On the flip side, I really hate that Penta had to change his name and the choice he made doesn't work for me. I know he used it and related names for a while on smaller shows, but for the #2 fed in the states I hate it. For a dude I consider a favorite of mine, it's disappointing. Also, why didn't he throw his glove to Edwards? Why don't they keep the canon from Lucha Underground where he breaks arms? Anyway, that small shit aside, this was just as entertaining as I had hoped. They bring the best out in each other and provided for a hell of great televised lucha match making 15 minutes feel like 5. Fenix was hurt a bit after, leading to...

Omega and Penta close this set, with a rematch I've been waiting for! Kenny's entrance was....interesting. I LOVE that he was wearing the Mega belt, which is funny since I still feel that they undervalue their AAA relationship. But yea, this was fantastic. Even without knowing the outcome, it was admittedly predictable since they have in no way booked Penta as a real star in AEW, but I still loved this. It ebbed and flowed nicely with strong action and decent drama. Worth seeing for sure.

I'll have some essay style posts up in regards to some other stuff from this month in AEW, for the record. You'll see soon. A WWE roundup and second part of G1 coverage is next and make sure to check out Watch Now Wrestling.

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