Italian club, Dinamo Sassari, had games on the 18th and 21st, with the prior being LBA action and the latter being part of the ongoing Champions League. They won both. Cardboard fans rejoice! The LBF side of things also picked up a W this week, which made for a pleasant week of basketball for I. Based off of what I've seen thus far, I think it's fair to suggest the LBA squad has a real shot this year. The LBF team would need to get lucky and find a way of closing up some of the holes but they could be a darkhorse.

If you've never watched Italian basketball, give it a look. With the NBA having just finished, I think it's a good time to jump in.


The Jets...what a fucking train wreck. This is historical levels of bad. In ten years, folks will see this as one of the worst teams ever. As a diehard, long time fan it has been a Shakespeare tragedy. I mean, the teams lined up on the wrong side for the coin toss. It started off bad and kept running poorly. What else is there to say? 

The college side saw Syracuse in action as well as the first game of Ohio State.

Ohio State showed that they deserve their spot in the rankings in a dominating blast against Nebraska which hopefully serves as a prelude to the rest of the season and it's worth noting that Fields certainly has a chance to win the Heisman this year. Penn State is up next.

Syracuse, on the other hand, raced ACC's titan and the #1 team in the nation, Clemson, and were squashed to get their 5th L of the season. I wasn't expecting a win, for whatever it's worth. I'm not disillusion and I'll take 21 points over 0. The Orange face Wake Forest on Halloween and will look to rebound. 


The NASCAR Cup Playoffs continued in Kansas with the first race in the Round of 8 and the biggest story was Logano's win being attacked from a decent load of fans, though it's largely from the pitchforkers. The fact is he earned the victory and did nothing wrong. Blocked! Harvick came in second. For the fellow #2 supporters, know that he still has a strong shot but I honestly think he's going to need to take more chances to get there.


AS Roma beat Benevento big and, if not for a very close offside call, it would have been even bigger. Their 5-2 victory puts them in 9th place in Serie A and climbing. In the Europa, they beat the Young Boys thanks to a spark in the second and a late go ahead goal. It was perhaps closer than it should have been, but a win is a win.

New York Red Bulls tied in the last moments in their first game of the week. Their second saw a circus act goal put them down by one against Chicago until a circus act goal of their own in stoppage time repeated for them, creating a high tension theme to close out the seven days.

RB Liepzig won their Champions League game 2-0 and then, on Saturday, beat Hertha Berlin to ensure them a first place spot on the Bundesliga table thanks to a 4-1-0 record. I am not saying this as a fan of the club but as a fan of the sport, but I think they could honestly win both the Champions League and walk out Bundesliga champs, too.

Club America couldn't get it done in the Thunderdome against Leon, going into the half tied before crumbling in the second instead of stepping up. On Saturday, they had a chance to rebound against Atlas and managed to step up in a 1-0 victory in a fairly exciting game. They are third on the table, behind Cruz Azul and those rogues, Leon.

Manchester City had a Premier League and Champions League game this week and, if you can't tell, I had a lot of soccer to watch these past few days. The first game I mentioned was against FC Porto and they came to play early, nailing a goal in the 13th minute. I honestly think the Blues thought they were going to have an easy night before that but it did seem to wake them up a bit. The Portuguese club made a major mistake a few minutes after and set up a penalty shot that evened it up and, after that, the Premiere League squad never allowed Porto to regain the lead. The final whistle saw the Sky Blues walk away 3-1 and you could tell they felt good with the end results.

Their EPL game on Saturday, they wore their black kits against West Ham which is always a fun sight. In the 51st, they evened things up and it stayed there for split points. They are still 13th on the table, after a rough start, but there's time to go. Don't rule them out yet. The Man Blue Lloyd Boys have some spirit yet, but really will need to step up each and every game to come.


Benneton Treviso and the Scarlets competed in a Pro 14 match that sadly kept the Italians in the basement of their conference as they are winless in three. The Jets aren't the only green team that sucks this year.

The World Tens Series will be covered in issue #4.