Open the Dungeon Gate #2.5: The World of Xarv'inX

This edition of Open the Dungeon Gate is more a world building post, detailing the world of Xarv'inX for those that might be interested in reading more up on my setting.

The Continent of Mern is the main spot for my current games and is made up of four kingdoms.

The first, and biggest, is the Kingdom of Cyr. This is the biggest melting pot in the world, with a population make up consisting of a bit of every race throughout the large territory. That said, their current elected leader, Tornilius Cercum, an elf, has promoted bigotry largely directed at dwarves and mixed races and has promoted an atmosphere that has created strong unease across not just Cyr, but Mern as well. Long ago, Cyr was ran by a king but that has since changed despite the name suggesting otherwise. Of course, Cercum would love to return to that format. The land has four states within it, each featuring its own elected official that represents the people in the Cyrian Government Council, or simply, The Council. One of the biggest non-political stories of Cyr is that a group of travelers that are seen as super heroes and call themselves The Prestige live there. They've largely stayed out of public political stances.

Second, is Remark. This neighbors Cyr though people passing through the much smaller territory would like presume it to largely be vacant land seeing as much of it is underground. Something most don't know, even many that live in Remark, is that there are tunnels that actually go far beyond the territory lines of their own kingdom. This includes into many sections of Mern in general and perhaps under the sea and into other places, too. The main citizens of Remark are dwarves, tieflings, and drow.

Next, Aidespir, the home of most of Xarv'inX's human race citizens though there are an assortment of other races that call it home, too. That includes some half-elves, halflings, gnomes, and others to a lesser degree. 

Lastly, we have Garell. While Cyr might be the largest melting pot of Mern, Garell is a worth that title as well. In this small, western land, many races have made their homes. Fishing is a major business of Garell and trade with Gontery as well as their closest neighbor, Aidespir, is the largest part of the kingdom's economy. The king, King Garell VI, a half elf has one daughter, Ski, whom he adopted when she was very young. The lands of Garell are fairly simple and there isn't much in the way of drama. Simple people just trying to get by.

Separating Garrell and Aidespir, the quickest path between the two at least, is the Elder Forest. Due to the respectful nature of the two kingdoms, they long ago positioned their capitols next to that forest. Within the forest, bandits, goblins, and other wicked things wait in hopes of praying on those that travel between. While the capitols themselves are largely safe, the forest is seen as a risk depending on when you are traveling and how large and menacing the group appears.

Moving on, we have a few other continents and lands. North of Mern is a set of moderately sized islands, each with different rulers which include Aktahs, Drocese, Morod Isle, and New Oraleri.

The Aktahs is the land of giants. Goliaths are the main inhabitants, living in small groups spread out in a few tribes. There is no central government nor leader, though the tribes are largely peaceful now after a long history of violence between them. They are willing to trade with anyone that they deem worthy, but can be on edge and aggressive just the same. They have had recent relations with the dragon kind which has been a situation of major discussion for those that pay attention to global politics.

Drocese is the land of the elementals. They have sectioned off the land into parts; fire, water, air, earth. Four territories. They are at peace together and always have been. They are welcoming of outsiders but do not allow any to stay permanently and no elemental has ever made another land their home.

The Morod Isle is a heavily forested island where elves call home. They are an elitist group that looks down on elves that live elsewhere. In fact, Cercum is from Morod, ironically enough, and his stances are heavily influenced by the nature of his heritage. Few other races live here and certainly none of them thrive.

To the east, the Oraleri Empire! Dragon Kind have been the main race to call this territory home and have spread their way throughout the world by force. This continent has has taken two other large sections of the globe. The first is now known as New Oraleri, and was formerly known as Felinia. The previous race that had called this area home, a cat humanoid race named for the land, are now an endangered race due to genocide tactics and what few still live largely serve as slaves to the Oraleri. As mentioned above, New Oraleri is one of the islands to the north.

To the south, the Oraleri Icelands where once considered too harsh a land to make permanent towns on. Despite that, there are a few scattered locations on the frozen land deep below that the Oraleri have established. They've made the land part of their own largely because they are conquerors, which was easy because, as suggested, no one else wanted or was willing to. The largest spot of life here is at a large prison system where the Oraleri send people as they see fit. There are rumors the Oraleri are digging deep into the ice for some unknown reason and the gossip around the act has grown in size, scale, and creativity. 

Over on the west, Azgaria and smaller country, Gontery below it.

Azgaria is one of the more secretive locations in all of the world. There is a large, spiraling tree that reaches high into the clouds near the middle of Azgaria and much of the population is either on the tree or around it. They have shut themselves off from the world for the most part and prefer solitude. Biridu, a race of bird-like beings are the largest population.

Gontery is far more friendly, serving as a central partner of Garell. Similar to Garell, the people, pace, and tone of Gontery is a simple one where everyone is doing what they can to get by, few are sincerely struggling, and general peace is essentially a given.

  • Biridu
  • Centaur
  • Changling
  • Cyclops
  • Dragon Kind
  • Dwarf
  • Elemental
  • Elf
  • Fae
  • Felinia
  • Gnome
  • Goblin
  • Goliath
  • Halfling
  • Human
  • Kobold
  • Mermaid
  • Minotaur
  • Orc
  • Tiefling
  • Troll
The Almighty One is the god largely worshiped in Xarv'inX, with the religious book known as The Tomes of Truth being the holy book of those that worship the being. The reason why this is the main god of the land is due largely because of how vocal The Prophets of The Almighty have been for decades as well as how convincing. While there are other religions on the globe, they pale in comparison. Note that the religion is one of peace, promoting clearly that no blood shall be shed in the name of The Almighty One. Also, like real life religions, there is no sign nor proof of said god in this world. Just faith.

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