Snake River Dojo Prologue

Snake River Dojo was a small, independent professional wrestling organization with shop set up in Idaho Falls, Idaho. The owner, Trevor Small was a decent man overall which is saying something considering the industry. I suppose some pearl clutching, southern belle types might disagree since he did like to get high off some edibles he purchases from a local dealer, but that's about as far as it'd go.

The company had been running for about two years now, building nicely enough from their very humble beginnings. The debut show for SRD had eight in attendance, and some of them were just homeless people trying to come in from the rain, taking advantage of the free admission gimmick they attempted. It turns out people see something is free and assume it likely isn't worth seeing. That and Trevor had promoted the event poorly around town, assuming word of mouth would be enough. It didn't help that Mr. Small had been forced to relocate the event from the originally planned location to the warehouse lot that they had made home since. 

Last minute things happen, right?

Funnily enough, had that not have happened, Snake River would have had a rather respectable attendance worth bragging about. Despite that, they bounced back nicely and have grown to averaging about 80-100 fans a show now. After the snafu, Small launched an okay social media campaign. 

Over the course of two years, the company had changed a lot. In the beginning, the company played things pretty straight forward in an old school fashion. A big part of the reason was that Trevor feared audiences would hate his more experimental ideas. The bigger excuse was that the talent was mainly made up of names that were training in the Dojo and had only been studying for a few months.

The Original Cast, as Trevor liked to call them, was a group of six men and women, with all but one of them being a local to the area. The Foreigner, his gimmick name, was from Portland, Oregon. He was the big heel of the company, but he wasn't booked as a standard racist trope like some companies still do today, instead he was booked as a stereotype of Portland natives. This worked well with the audience seeing as Idaho Falls was a rather conservative place.

The top face was Big Bad Darington. He was the largest roster member, easily. He wasn't the most charismatic guy on the roster, but the crowd took to him quickly and Small went with it.

The rest of the roster was made up of Fire & Ice, two brothers that worked as a team and Alex and A-Dasha, the two females on the show.

The company only had one championship belt at the moment, with The Foreigner currently holding the strap. He had won it on the debut show and then retained it back from Darington just a month ago. The shows typically had two or three matches each, with a bit of talking to pad things out. Each event lasted about a month and they tried to run about twice a month when it was possible.

The show tonight was big for the company and arguably the biggest show so far. Trevor had won enough fans over that he figured he could finally embrace his experimental side and it was also the tapings for their debut episode which would air on YouTube. They'd been sprinkling in plot hooks over the past few months, teasing at what was to come, but no one expected the card!

The card was released digitally. A massive match featuring all six in an elimination tag match. A Cibernetico with the winner walking out with the championship. How the fans would respond was yet to be seen but he already feared some would hate the "weird" match type as it is since he had never booked anything more elaborate than two hardcore matches so far.

By the end, there was silence!

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