3 EPIC CM Punk Matches in ROH! Review

1.Punk vs Shelley ***1/2
2.ROH World Title: Aries(c) vs Punk ****1/2
3.ROH World Title: Punk(c) vs Strong ***1/2

This is part of the 18th Anniversary Collection Series that Ring of Honor added to YouTube around the time everything was shutting down. I've been meaning to watch through them so, let's go ahead and take the dive while I have a free moment tonight. I have some news soon for the blog that I think should help me organize to be more active here despite my commitments outside of it growing of late, for the record.

The first match is from their 3rd Anniversary gig back in 2005. If memory serves, that event was spread across a few days. I believe this one was from either night one or two. Either way, you get to see Alex Shelley and CM Punk in a match from 15 years ago here, working a pretty good contest overall.

Up second, also from 2005, Punk challenged Austin Aries for the top prize of the company. Now, if you didn't know, this was the well renowned bout that kicked off the Summer of Punk. Something WWE would later steal as their own a few years later. I considered it to be a hell of a contest with brilliant story work and some nice, old school feeling action. Well worth seeing still.

Lastly, from...you guessed it, 2005, Punk and Strong. It was a very good battle and Punk came off well as a dick and Strong got in some of his steady tricks. In all, a fun way to close the set.

Two pretty good matches alongside a classic, this was a nice collection showing off a bit of Punk's past and served as a decent way to kill 90 minutes. Check it out if you're bored or, at the very least, watch the Aries match if you're in a rush.

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