Four Pillars Playlist Reviews #5

Match from All Japan Fan Appreciation Day 04/20/91:
1.Super Generation Army(Kenta,Misawa,Kawada) vs Tsuruta-gun(Taue,Tsuruta,Fuchi) ****3/4

I continue my journey through the Four Pillars Playlist and have now landed in 1991. Looking at the nearly one hour run time here, I made sure to get comfortable and grabbed some snacks to indulge in to help ease into the experience. Low carb, of course.

It started with a slap.

The action remained solid throughout, with nice segments mixed in here and there of chaotic intensity. It was like watching six stars in an epic battle of chess, with the bombs ringing loudly and the cheers hitting near-deafening levels. Few matches can have such a length while remaining so damn entertaining, but this did so triumphantly. I mean, it came damn close to being one of the very few matches I've given five stars.

Click play if you've never seen it or if it's been a while!

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