CHIKARA Action Arcade #5 Review

CHIKARA 4/25/2020 Action Arcade Review - PWPonderings
1.Red Queen, One-Eyed Jack vs Sampson, Morgan NR
2.Crucible Rules: Makowski vs Christy NR
3.Calhoun vs Amir *3/4
4.YLC Elimination Quarter-Final: Nassar vs McCoy vs South vs Faraday **1/2
5.FIST vs Boomer, ZERO ***1/4

I'm going to try to finish the second half of Action Arcade this week, if time allows. As I've mentioned recently, I appreciate what they've done with this show and have decided to watch the company more often. Not as much as I used to, surely, but more than I have been of late.

This edition starts with a replay clip reminding viewers of the new rule enacted by reigning Grand Champion, Dasher Hatfield, before heading into the opening contest.

While short, the opener served nicely as the debut of Red Queen and One-Eyed Jack. I like what I am seeing so far and think the duo has potential. It reminds me a bit of a gimmick I used to use via CAW's in older wrestling games. It was a team called Full House. Good times. Squash.

Top contenders, and the tag champs, got some promo time next.

Up second, the latest Crucible fight. While also too short to review, as these all will be per their rules, this was pretty cool stuff. Worth seeing for fans of the style.

More promos followed, largely in relation to the ongoing YLC tournament that these episodes have largely been pillared by.

In the three spot, Calhoun continues his plot that inevitably will end in his retirement. Decent, but forgettable match based on quality, though. Sadly, Calhoun has just never been a guy I care much for. We had great ads for a hotline as well as the school after.

Up fourth, we have the next four way elimination bout quarter-final. Nassar reminds me of the dude Aziz is friends with on Parks & Rec. These tournaments admittedly do tend to be full of green moments, and I'd be lying if I said that wasn't a factor here. Still, it's the potential that you can clearly see on display that makes them exciting. Farraday working from below as the underdog was the key story which was largely well done. In all, a solid match though I really think they should have pushed Farraday through here. After, Ophidian and Quack fleshed out their Cibernetico teams more, which saw Farraday added to Lightning's team. So, there's that...

Boomer and Defarge has been booked for the future Cibernetico gig.

This week's main event featured Boomer and ZERO taking on Icarus and Huckabee (FIST) in tag team action and I give props here since both stepped up nicely. In all, this was a good outing and a very nice way to cap off the episode.

Blank was in the post-credit scene talking largely among some mannequins. I used to work with a dude that had a strong fear of mannequins. He nearly pissed himself when he tried to play Condemned.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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