We are STARDOM #11 Review

1.Oedo Tai(Saki,Natsu,Tora) vs Tokyo Cyber Squad(Hana,Jungle,Konami) ***1/4
2.Artist of STARDOM Titles: Queen's Quest(Momo,AZM.Utami)(c) vs Donna del Mondo(Giulia,Syuri,Maika) ***1/2

Fairly good opener this week, with the new Oedo Tai crew taking the W and earning a title shot in the near future. The title match follow up was very enjoyable, and a good showing from DDM. I'll be interested in seeing where they go with the title change.

I wish STARDOM would be more consistent with how they upload these, but I am really enjoying this series. Click play!

Overall Rating: 75/100%

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