Select Match Reviews: Mixed & Scrambled (IMPACT)

Matches from IMPACT Wrestling 03/24:
1.X-Division Title #1 Contender Scramble: Mack vs Bey vs Romero vs Daga vs Jake Crist vs Cousin vs Raju vs Trey ***1/2
2.Moose vs Stevens NR
3.Tessa, Edwards vs Elgin, Taya ***1/2

More pulls this week than usual. The first was a very fun spotfest showcasing what the X-Division should be all about but often isn't, and I love Willie Mack taking the W. The second was all about the angle which saw Suicide return. I love the new look. I hate this dead crowd, though. The main event was also very good with the two teams working hard to give a preview for a show that has now been canceled.

IMPACT provided for some fun today and I recommend checking it out. Maybe you can be more excited than that shitty crowd was.

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