NWA Powerrr #19 Review

1.Starks vs Cross vs Dice **1/4
2.Murdoch vs Question Mark NR
3.NWA Women's Title: Rosa(c) vs Melina NR

Tim Storm studio time to kick start the episode. Luckily, they're dropping the fake mama shit, it appears. This went a tad too long but I like the setup involving Dane.

Man Camp sounds shady as fuck.

Cross' promo was good and I truly am hopeful the dude gets a good run in NWA. The fact that he wasn't the fall guy in the three way is perhaps a good sign. The match itself was decent. Too short and more about story progression between Dice and Starks, but decent nonetheless.

May Valentine's Diary...no thanks.

Stevens...no thanks.

Question Mark getting squashed by Murdoch...sure, why the fuck not.

This entire midsection of the show is not for me, at all.

Luckily, the Aldis/Scurll segment was far better and got the show back on track. Nick rocks in these spots. I'm pretty sure someone shouted against trickle down, which was awesome. The brawl was simply well done and gave life to the show that was in the middle of dying. Thumbs up.

Following that, Eddie and Pope had a nice follow up segment.  I don't care at all about the Bouncers so them turning was fine. Just more fuel for killer Kingston promos.

They followed that up with...well, the Women's Championship match that saw Melina and Rosa stand around for about two minutes and then the former walking away and taking a count out. Kay then ran her back to the ring before Kamille took out the former champ. That's seriously how they ended the show.

I found myself really enjoying season two of Powerrr, but it's worth noting season three has lost me a bit, again. This episode was easily one of the weakest NWA Powerrr episodes I've seen and the weakest hour of wrestling I've checked out all year in general, with only a few moments that I actually enjoyed. Skip this one, for sure!

Overall Rating: 45/100%

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