Being the Elite #196 Thoughts

Matt chats about the troubles of the current situation and how, despite it, they're doing well. They mock the hoarders, Omega sneaks out with TP, and we get to see Matt taking a shit just to realize he can't wipe.

Who sits down before checking for TP and who the fuck drinks coffee on the toilet?

Oh, and Kenny has officially snapped. Is that what the hoarders are doing with TP?

Cutler is the only one flying. Pretty sure he should have been bumped to first class, but whatever.

Matt gives us a look at the production side of things from last week and then Kenny updates us on the hand. He tests it out before we get the best Colt appearance yet. Great running bit!

Matt gets a few seconds to cut a promo. I read this week that he based the broken character off of a concept he got from True Blood. I love that.

Matt pays Page's tab ($300) and starts to chat with the Hangman before the cut away.

Note that AEW also announced a change to their schedule and that they are just tapings events ahead of time now. Good move and I appreciate the way AEW is handling the situation.

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