WRESTLE-1 TV #148/149 Review

148 Episode Card:
1.Hijo del Pantera, Seiki vs Fujimura, Niki +
2.CYRUS vs Hajime +
3.Shimomura, Tonsho, Pegaso vs Ganseki, Kono, Honda +
4.Seigo vs Ito +
5.Enfants Terribles(Ashino,Kuma),Koju vs Inaba, Kaz, Doi +
6.Cruiser Fes Semi: Andy Wu vs Alejandro ++
7.Cruiser Fes Semi: Heat vs Kodama ++

149 Episode Card:
1.Kaz vs Hajime +
2.Ganseki, Ryuji, Ryuki vs Fujimura, SUSHI, Niki +
3.Alejandro, Kono, Kodama vs Hijo del Pantera, Tonsho, Koju ++
4.Strong Hearts(Seiki,Irie) vs Inaba, Doi vs Tanaka, Pegaso ++
5.CYRUS vs Kuma ++
6.MAZADA, Ito vs Seigo, Kondo ++
7.Cruiser Fes Finals: Heat vs Andy Wu ++
8.W1 Title: Nakajima(c) vs Ashino +++

Let's talk about 148 first, with matches from 01/31.

Note that I changed my + standard this time around, deciding this new option works better. One + covers everything from *-***1/4 now. Basically, stuff that isn't truly must-see, even if it looked decent. Two covers ***1/2-****1/4. These came off as worthwhile and enjoyable matches of a varying degree. Lastly, three crosses are MOTYC level matches that I'm sure I'll go and check out in-full when I can.

On to the episodes...

They continue to push CYRUS as a monster, Ito continues to be a royal dick, and loads of ass shots in the Enfants six-man, if that's your thing. None of the first five really came off as super strong but all as fairly decent. Number five certainly looked like the best of that bunch, though.

The two semi-final matches came off strong. The main was my favorite of the night and the finals look very promising, with Andy Wu and Heat surely going to be fire!

The second episode features content from their big 02/12 gig. It is set to air on GAORA on the 29th, for those whom may be interested.

This one felt much stronger, with even the one cross contests seeming to be featuring harder work. The Hall brings out the best in people, though.

The cruiserweight six-man was fun and the three-way tag was chaotic entertainment.

I'm surprised CYRUS lost in his match, considering the angle they were building. This was easily his best match I've witnessed. No surprise Kuma was on the other side and a big part of that.

Ito, once again being a dick, did dickish things to win in a dickish manner.

The semi saw the finals of this year's Cruiser Fes tournament and I absolutely love Heat taking the W. I doubt he wins the belt, but would love that, too. He's one of my favorite juniors in all of Japan. I'd be just as happy to see Seiki get a super long run too, though.

Now, on the main event.

Ashino is my favorite member of the W1 roster, even though he's apparently leaving soon. Nakajima is one of my favorite NOAH talents and guy I am 100% behind as W1 Champ. This was a dream match and it certainly lived up to my hype. This, simply put, rocked. After, Naka was confronted by a large portion of the roster, he acted like the douche he is and even tossed the belt, but got knocked out for doing so. This angle is everything!

While the first episode here was more filler than anything, with only the two semi matches really being of note, the second was one of the strongest episodes I've seen and well worth clicking on.

Until next week, that's it for W1 right now. Make sure to give them some love!

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