Select Match Reviews: Darwin

Matches from EVOLVE 143 01/17:
1.FIP Florida Heritage Title: Jon Davis(c) vs Troy Hollywood **3/4
2.Avery Taylor vs Santana Garrett **3/4
3.No DQ: Briggs vs Greene ***1/2

The WWNLive YouTube provided us with some content from their recent show, so let's take a look.

Up first, Hollywood got a tiny bit of fire in, but largely this was Jon being a dominate beast and essentially an extended squash. In all, a solid encounter and enjoyable enough working as a decent showcase for Davis but skip it unless you have some attachment to the names involved.

Next, some Santana action. Always nice seeing her pop up. Like the previous match, this was pretty one sided but Garrett did come off looking rather good as a result, I suppose. Nothing must see, again, unless you have a connection.

Hopefully the main event is better...?

Luckily, it was. There was a nice amount of fire here and they used the stipulation well enough. EVOLVE has a history of making DQ matches fun, and this was no exception. Was it a bit overbooked? Sure, a tad, in a way that would make Edge proud, funny enough, but I also had a very good time with this one and it especially worked as a showcase for where EVOLVE is at as a company right now and who two of their bigger names are. For that reason alone, aside from it being a pretty good match, check this one out.

The video above is this match and the other two are linked in their rating info.


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