Select Match Reviews: Lions Being Lions in Sapporo (NJPW)

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Matches from NJPW New Beginning in Sapporo Night Two 02/02:
1.RevPro British HW Title: Sabre(c) vs Ospreay ****
2.Okada vs Taichi ***1/2

We continue to catch up on New Japan, this time with two pulls from night two in Sapporo.

Up first, Sabre defends gold against the aerial assassin. The noodle-tech style was on full display throughout and they elevated things as they went by slowly unleashing Ospreay. The drama and story work in general here was awesome and the entire thing was a fantastic display of pro wrestling.

Note that Fire Pro World is super cheap on the Playstation Store right now, by the way.

Rejected Capcom character, Taichi gets the main event spot next since he's up against Okada. I was hopeful here as I had heard good things from people I trust and because, at times, in big matches, Taichi can actually be enjoyable. Luckily, they were right. This was indeed very good stuff though, perhaps a bit below the quality some had suggested. Worth seeing but not something I'll remember by the end of the year.

That's it for Sapporo.

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