How I await the day the broken brilliance reaches a higher standard and rank, and launches forward the order of darkness.

At least, one can hope that's what the future holds. Nothing is ever set it stone here, though, especially in the mirror universe that we find ourselves living in.

Ex...hausted he may be, but Vanguard-1 is always there to assist Matthew Hardy and this time is turned into a rotten egg as they journey to a representative of the big man in the sky.

Oh, and, it's not your ego. You DO deserve better than what Vince has done with you. The dude might be a legend and once a revolutionary figure, but is so behind on what actually works and cares more about hoarding talent than proper booking these days. His dinosaur tactics are almost Cornette bad.

I'm cool with that Giants cap, but I feel the need to drop a J E T S here to counteract it.

Anyway, this was heavy with spirituality and built to a superb climax.

I eagerly await episode ten!