AEW Revolution Preview + Predictions

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0.SCU(Kaz,Sky) vs Dark Order
1.PAC vs Orange
2.Darby vs Guevara
3.Dustin vs Hager
4.MJF vs Cody
5.AEW Women's Title: Rose(c) vs Stratlander
6.AEW Tag Titles: Omega, Page(c) vs Young Bucks
7.AEW World Title: Jericho(c) vs Moxley

The dark match sees Dark Order take on SCU and, if we're getting the reveal of the Exalted One to close the show, than the cult unit should get the W against the former champs. Hopefully it's a pretty good match to get some people to buy in that are on the fence.

Archer will likely make a statement on the show and don't write off the possibility of Cobb popping up, either. Just something to mention.

PAC looks to bounce back from failing against Omega while also further cementing his role as the bastard by taking out one of the most over dudes on the roster. I expect that exact thing to happen, and it should be pretty dang fun. The Best Friends are MIA from the card and might be seconds for the former CHIKARA standout, so expect that to add to the spectacle.

Up next, Darby, who has already gelled into a nice Jeff Hardy level role that's been embraced, too, taking on Inner Circle's, Sammy Guevara. This one is a bit tricky, since both could really use the win. My gut says Allin picks up the victory, but they might long game this or go for a protected finish. Toss a coin, but lean towards Darby.

Dustin versus Hager is a different beast. Goldust has been one of the best attraction stars of the company, with the Rhodes bloodbath from last year being one of my favorite matches ever. Here, he'll be putting over Hager in, what I hope, is a strong, emotional battle. I have moderate hopes for this one but little doubt over the outcome.

Now, for the biggest matches of the night...

MJF is one of the top heels in the game. Cody, one of the most over babyfaces in the world. Their collision course has been a hell of a ride and I'm excited to not only see this match, but how they follow it up, too. I'll say MJF takes the win, perhaps with help from Wardlow AND Archer? Either way, I don't think they should pull a Shawn Spears again.

The first title match of the evening will be Nyla Rose's first defense of the AEW Women's Championship. Kris has been on a nice rise since signing and will get a great showing here, but Nyla will retain. I hope this becomes a long plot where Rose continues to take out everyone until Kong returns. Oh, and will we ever get that Kong vs Kong match?

The Elite implosion hits the next chapter, next. Page has been lashing out and I think the group could officially explode here, but I also know they need to do it in a way that doesn't kill the pop Page has been getting if so. It'll be tricky, and might even take a double turn if they think it's worth it. Regardless, this depends on the story plans but I say Page and Omega win but as a result of iffy behavior.

Mox and Jericho...God, I love how uncertain I am about a lot of the card. Let's say Mox wins and after the Exalted One makes a glorious debut and makes intentions clear in the final moments.

This should be an awesome show, especially with how fire they've been in 2020.

Oh, and remember...

Do Not Pirate This!

Seriously! I get that they are owned by a billionaire, but AEW is a growing brand. They needs hits and successes to keep progressing and have more than earned better than being pirated.

See yall tomorrow!

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