This week's edition felt a bit more intimate for some reason. Outside of promoting the card for tonight, we also got a look at the Dustin/Hager moment from last week. 

Anyway, here's the card they are promoting for tonight's episode:

-Cody vs Wardlow, Cage Match
Cody wins this one after Wardlow dominates.

-Omega & Page defend the Tag belts against the Lucha Bros
The Elite retain but PAC might get involved in the post-match, attacking Omega. Page will just shrug it off...

-Tag Team Battle Royal to crown challengers for the belts at Revolution
The Bucks win this but get banged up. At Revolution, the match between Page and Omega versus the Jacksons will see Page attacking their weaknesses a bit too much for Kenny's liking...

-Moxley vs Cobb
Cobb shouldn't fall in his debut but Mox shouldn't take the L before his title match. As a result, expect Mox to start getting the upper hand after a nice showing and then the Inner Circle breaking it up for a DQ.

Note that I'm expecting a possible big moment tonight bridging the gaps a bit, but could be off base. With only four matches, even with one being a battle royal, it might provide time to do so and the location of the show would surely be a bonus...

See ya'll tonight!