Episode Card:
1.Andy Wu, Hijo Pantera, Seiki vs Tonsho, Fujimura, MAZADA +
2.Cyrus vs Ryuki +
3.Enfants Terribles (Ashino, Kuma) vs Seigo, Yoshitatsu ++
4.Kono, Kodama vs Alejandro, Ito ++
5.Tanaka vs Pegaso Iluminar ++
6.Strong Hearts (Lindaman, T-Hawk) vs Ganseki, Kaz ++
7.Soya vs Kondo +
8.OWE Openweight Title: Irie(c) vs Doi ++
9.W1 Title: Inaba(c) vs Nakajima +++

A reminder that I'm testing out a special system for W1's TV series, with a range from + to +++ for the matches. A simplified ranking system, essentially, largely for my own benefit but hopefully to you people reading these, too. Matches hitting +++ are likely to get select match review coverage later.

Expected issues between partners cost Andy, Pantera, and Seiki a win in the opener and then Cyrus squashed Ryuki. After the Enfants match, they requested more of Yoshitatsu and claimed this was their year! Kono may or may not have joined the heel unit.

The latest Iluminar trial match saw Tanaka versus Pegaso as they continue to establish the latter fully and determine where he'll land on the cards. I'm pretty sold on him, personally.

The Soya/Kondo outing ended in a no contest after Ito ran in and beat them down, including the ref, and took chairs to Soya's arm. Lindaman also met some violence after Ito claimed he was back with a vengeance and seeking to make complacent vets and uninspired youths pay for their arrogance. He might get the WAR he wants...

Irie defended the OWE belt in a fun looking semi.

The big news here, and the best looking match in my opinion, saw my dream come true as the kicky bastard, Nakajima, took out Inaba and won W1's top prize. He was a complete dick during and after, putting down the ring, the company, and calling out someone to do something about it.

Ashino answered and set a match for 02/12. Holy shit.

The post-match segment in general was amazing.

W1 TV has ups and downs. This was an up. Click play!