With the new year, I'm going to try something new for this show. So, starting with this episode, I'm adding a rating system specifically for this show. It won't count toward the recommendation list or anything, but instead is more general and will also help me down the line too for a few varying reasons.

Results are covered with and everything will have a + next to the match ranging from +-+++. One means it was basic stuff, two that it was decent but largely forgettable looking, and three is suggests something special. It's a much more simplified version of the star system but it should largely work for the format of this series.

So, let's begin...

Episode Card:
1.Moriya, Ikaho, Daimonji b Hajime, Fujimura, Niki +
2.Strong Machine Army b Alejandro, Ganseki, Kono +
3.R.E.D. (Big R, Yoshida) b Doi, Honda ++
4.Tonsho, Pegaso Illuminar b Horiguchi, Kzy ++
5.Strong Hearts (Seiki, Irie) b Kodama, TAJIRI +
6.Ryouji b Kuma ++
7.Texas Tornado Bank House Current Blast Death Street Fight: Onita, Leatherface, Tanaka b Soya, Omori, AKIRA ++
8.GAORA TV Title: Yoshitatsu(c) b Seigo ++
9.Akiyama, Kaz, Otani b Andy Wu, Jiro, Ito ++
10.Muto, Mochizuki, Zeus b Violent Giants, Kondo +
11.Inaba, Kaito b Nakajima, Ashino +++

This show looks at Wonder Carnival, the last W1 show of 2019, held on the 31st of December. What a stacked show! I especially loved the cameos from NOAH, AJPW, DG, etc talents.

Here's a rundown of post-match interviews etc.

The big bat shots in the six-man hardcore were huge and the main looked awesome. My main takeaway, other than how fun this episode was, is how bad I want to see Ashino tour NOAH and Nakajima get a run with the W1 Championship.

In all, Wonder Carnival had one hell of a unique card and it made for a very entertaining episode of television. If you've never watched W1 before, start here!