1.Thunder Rosa vs Steelz NR
2.Lattimer vs Murdoch NR
3.No DQ: Kay vs Belle **3/4
4.Last Chance Gauntlet **3/4
5.NWA World Title: Aldis(c) vs Morton ***

Supersized, special edition episode this week as we head toward Hard Times. This is also, apparently, the season two finale. Interesting layout choice, to say the least.

Remind Gibson of how tapings work, by the way.

The first match saw Thunder Rosa and Steelz in a short, but sweet, battle. All action, and I am excited to see where they're going with Thunder and their women's division in general.

Aldis announces he's working that upcoming free ROH show, Free Enterprise, plugging it.

Royce and Mae came out and get studio time. Meh.

Next, we saw Lattimer attack Murdoch early and dominate for two minutes before eating a flash pin.

We run down the Melina/Kay angle, get some build for the Hard Times match, and then a match between Melina's crony, Marti Belle, and Allysin Kay. Fairly decent stuff in general.

The look at the Aldis/Morton angle was nice.

Hypnotize yourself!

The Pope and Kingston killed it. Great stuff.

I LOVE seeing Corgan work commentary.

Steven's gave a karate demonstration. If you're enjoying this angle, you'll consider it gold. If not, like me, it'll just be a throwaway segment until the Starks reveal. Imagine, all Americans need to do is study at the Question Dojo and there will be no more gun violence! Can we all agree on that plan, at least?

I strangely want a plate of waffles and tire irons right now.

The Last Chance Gauntlet was enjoyable enough with a fun layout. Nice use of a gimmick match, though the midmatch promo was a strange call. Sal's botch was a thing, too. I liked the Anderson/Colt angle and Stevens selling the Question Mark strike was...something.

James Storm and Eli Drake in the studio next, chatting about the main event. Good stuff and I like the idea of them teaming.

Breaking News! Matt Motherfucking Cross is working Hard Times in the TV Title Tournament against Starks. That ROH partnership showing up again, too, with big boy, Dan Maff, working the same show and tournament versus Dice. Please, take the dude out!

Flip promo building up their Hard Times match. I'm excited for that one. I might do a preview for the show.

Just know that I'm still hoping Marty can be the trigger man to unite ROH not only with NWA, but bring back Cody to NWA, too. I want Cody involved in NWA again sooner than later, though I know AEW is more focused on their own thing right now than anything else, which is fine.

Main event time!

Corgan removing seconds was a nice move and I dig the "bad news" tease.

While most knew Aldis was winning, they still put in enough coupled with smart uses of smoke and mirrors to provide an emotional encounter that kept the crowd's, and my own, attention. No, it wasn't recommendation levels on match quality alone, but it is still worth seeing if you have a connection of sorts.

Here's an up to date look at Aldis' current run.

Good episode overall!

I missed most of the first season of Powerrr and have no plans on going back. I got hooked on the second and enjoyed every episode. This finale was truly enjoyable and I give props to the crew for winning me over. I sincerely look forward to new episodes and Hard Times and, in general, I'll be keeping an eye on NWA. I encourage you to do the same.

Overall Rating: 70/100%