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1.The Elite (Omega, Page) vs Private Party **3/4
2.AEW Women's Title: Riho(c) vs Kris *3/4
3.Guevara vs Daniels **
4.Rhodes Brothers vs Lucha Bros ***1/4
5.Jurassic Express vs Best Friends, Orange **3/4

AEW is a modernized WCW and just like WCW, not everything AEW does is good. I mention that because this episode was, simply put, not good.

The opener was fairly enjoyable, though a bit heavy with the miscommunications between Page and Omega. The duo overcoming their many issues to pick up the W made Private Party look a bit weak, by the way. They were established strong in the tournament on episode one of Dynamite when they beat the Bucks but lost eight of their ten matches that followed. Strange call, in my opinion.

PAC tries to murder Nakazawa again in a repeat from last week.

The women's match was a travesty. Kris and Riho showed glimpses of the match they could have had but the contest was covered in too much bullshit to make it out as worthwhile. Brandi's Nightmare Collective crap polluted this and Kris and Riho simply deserved better.

There are better ways to reveal new members of your shitty faction, Brandi. And I need to remind you, on the off chance you are reading this (you're not, but still...), fans booing isn't always good. Heel heat is one thing. Heat for sincerely annoying people with a turd is another. The commentary work was bad enough. The interference was worse.

Fuck that match!

Up next, we had a solid match with a bad finish. The entire Pentagon walk out was poorly done. The aftermatch wasn't that great either. The offer from Dark Order to CD felt like an off-brand version of what the show ended with and the faces beating down the unit didn't really do much for me. It all just felt like another misstep.

Brothers versus brothers followed and it was the best match of the night. The Lucha Bros feel like they are in limbo and it might have to do with their recent interaction with Jericho backstage. Solid action in general, but nothing truly must-see.

Arn says Cody will answer MJF next week. Meh.

I do applaud the segment followup because it meant the legends stuff they teased for the episode would be on Dark instead. That's a smart move.

MJF and DDP had a moment. Admittedly, it wasn't that great, either. MJF was okay but not as great as usual and DDP felt like one part advertisement, one part legends rant which is what I was literally just hoping we weren't getting tonight.

I guess the Butcher, Blade, and Bunny are indeed aligned in some form with MJF.

Jurassic Express and the Best Friends (with Orange) had a decent, fan pleasing six-man. Nothing major, but not much to complain about and it was fun.

They closed the show with Mox's answer. The overall outcome was as everyone expected, but I did like the initial tease of Mox saying, "yes" to joining. I'm not a huge fan of stuff like this but it came off decently and I'm sure fans of these things liked it decently.

I know not everything AEW does is tailor made for me. I just hope that I enjoy more than I dislike or at least am neutral to most of it. Here, I truly disliked most of the two hours. If I wanted to watch WWE, I'd watch WWE. I'll call it growing pains and remind anyone reading this that WWE puts out this kind of garbage programming twice a week every week and on most of their special events, too. That said, skip this one and just catch clips if you want.

Overall Rating: 50/100%