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Match from Dragon Gate Fantastic Gate 12/18:
1.DoiDarts: Eita, Minoura, Kzy vs Ben-K, HYO, Kagetora vs YAMATO, Horiguchi, Gamma vs Fuji, Santa Maria, Ichikawa ****

I love when this gimmick is used, I love how Dragon Gate utilizes matches to expand and generally progress plots alongside their brand of comedy and action, and I love how spirited Dragon Gate has felt this year. The post-match angle was huge, too. In all, I feel watching this one is the best way to close watching 2019 Dragon Gate as I begin to finish up catching up on my last few pulls. I was pleasantly surprised by how they stepped up big this year and am more than eager to see what 2020 holds. Check this one out and look forward to my final updates to the best of the year section.