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Match from PROGRESS Chapter 95: Still Chasing
1.Pete Dunne vs Cara Noir ***3/4
Match from PROGRESS Chapter 96: True Friends Stab You in the Front
2.Ilja vs Cara Noir ***3/4
Match from PROGRESS Chapter 97: Sex Robots Will Eventually Be Capable of Murder
3.Cara Noir vs Ilja ***3/4

PROGRESS is still in their rebuild phase, largely trying to figure out what to do with all of the major changes that have befallen them since making a deal with the devil. One of their best answers so far is the addition of Cara Noir to their cards, as the kid oozes charisma and screams future star.

They've thrown him to the fire here, testing if he's truly ready for such a role and surely he swam rather than sank.

The match with Dunne was a reminder of how brilliant Pete is as a performer as he borderline tortured Cara Noir throughout the run-time. It's sad that I don't get to see him as much these days, but I applaud him on the paycheck and WWE does still let him come and play from time to time, at least. This one was great, with Cara Noir looking like the perfect underdog and Dunne the perfect asshole.

Up next, Ilja and Cara Noir part one. The chemistry on display between the two was fantastic and both worked hard to give one hell of a performance. There is just something special about Cara that he can work against nearly anyone and gel so well, it seems. Imagine how much better he's going to get as he continues to learn and grow. Another great match as he continues to earn a spot on the official roster.

To close things, we had an immediate rematch which came off as a bit of a surprise when I was picking pulls. Who sucks sequels suck? This was just as good, if not a touch better, than the first match and Cara getting the nod was beautiful. I am very eager to see round three, but am just happy PROGRESS gave us two chapters for now, at least.

Despite PROGRESS being a WWE feeder these days, I hope Cara Noir ignores that temptation and takes a deep look at AEW instead when he's ready for a big contract. Until then, I look forward to watching his continued progression and recommend you check him out as soon as possible if you haven't already.