Select Match Reviews: Lady Miyagi

Match from SENDAI Big Show in Sendai
1.SENDAI World Title: Sareee(c) vs Chihiro ***3/4

I loved seeing Sareee take the top prize of the promotion this past Summer, but it was obvious that one of the core three of the company would reclaim it sooner than later. After defeating Chihiro for the belt, she managed to successfully defend against DASH but a rematch with Hashimoto proved to be the end of the reign here. The good news? This match was freaking fun. Plus, Chihiro more than worthy of holding the belt again, anyway. Now, I have some fears with the future of the company following the rumors that they are getting rather friendly with WWE, but let's hope those are fears that we don't have to worry about for a while. In the meantime, if you want a great title match from one of Japan's more underrated companies, give this one a click.