Select Match Reviews: Dynamic Joshi

Match from SEAdLINNNG Dynamic Show Case:
1.Beyond the Sea Title, Hair vs Hair Apuesta: Arisa Nakajima(c) vs Nanae Takahashi ****1/4

I'll admit that Arisa hasn't gotten much love this year here in the blog, as she's sadly fallen a bit into my blindspot, but it's worth noting that I consider her an elite talent and had her as my personal favorite joshi artist for a while there. Luckily, I at least get this chance to fix that fuck up and check out one of her recent resume additions, this one in the form of a major wager battle against the also fantastic, Nanae Takahashi.

If you followed my old YouTube show, No Wrestling Limitations, last year, you should remember the tournament that crowned the first champ so it's a bit poetic that I'm back in time to see Arisa is now holding it. Poetic is also a term I'd use to describe her work in general. The beautiful intensity on display here served well to defend the show's title, creating a memorably dynamic showcase that made both performers come off as the stars they truly are. In many ways, it reminded me of the amazing AJW matches from the past and it is an easy recommendation on my end.

Yes, this was a war and, assuming you consider yourself to be an wrestling fan (surely you are), you NEED to add this to your watch list.