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Match from wXw 19th Anniversary:
1.Lucky Kid vs Ohno ****
2.wXw Unified World Title: Thatcher(c) vs Gunns vs Ilja vs Starr ***3/4

First up, THE Gatekeeper, Ohno and Lucky Kid put on a fucking show. Hero matches remain wildly entertaining to this day which is logical seeing as the dude is a master of his craft. I actually applaud him for his current gig. He's getting WWE money and some of the benefits that provides yet isn't resting on it. He's a bridge between partner feds, showing up and working his style while putting over talent both at home and away. Lucky Kid looked like a star here and I easily recommend this one.

I was happy to see Thatcher dethrone Gunns for wXw's top prize and the defenses had been rather enjoyable, but alas it appears that wXw lacked confidence in keeping this reign running. Of all the names involved, I would be lying if I said I'd want Gunns to walk out with gold as the other three are far better options, in my opinion. Oh well. While Bobby may have reclaimed the strap, let's look on the bright side. Thatcher had a run that was fun, though very short and Gunns isn't bad (just pretty average at times). Oh, Lucky Kid as champ sounds rather nice, too. Just an idea...

The four-way itself was a cluster sprint thrill ride with every cog playing their roles well moving the action along at a nice pace throughout. Considering the workers included here, it should be no surprise that there were subtle features here that should please most fans regardless of their favorite genre of the art. My only main issue was the endstretch came off cheap, but it is what it is.

Two very different matches, both being entertaining in their own way. Happy birthday, wXw. I hope 2020 is a very good year!