Match from IWRG 57th Aniversario de la Arena Naucalpan 12/15:
1.Blue Demon Jr vs LA Park ****

Let me start by saying QEPD in regards to Mr. Niebla. Please, read this for more info. Many people have already written about the subject and with a death in my family last night I'd like to refrain, especially when Cubs did a good job already and I always love to plug his stuff.

Now, about the match...

Walking in, a bloody brawl with some smoke and mirrors, mask tearing, and an iffy finish were not only expectations, they were certainties. The mask tearing began within the first minute. The blood began to flow within the first five. And it was indeed a giant circus act walk and brawl.

Predictable? Of course. But was this bad? Not at all.

I expected a large spectacle in my favorite lucha building and that's what I got. I also loved every fucking second. Take some time to enjoy this fantastic mess if any of this sounds like your cup of tea.