Select Match Reviews: Bleeding in Naucalpan

Match from Invasion RCH
1.Apuesta: Latigo vs Atomic Star ***1/2

The best wager matches in lucha libre are typically brutal spectacles. Arguably my favorite is Trauma I versus Canis Lupus, which should tell you something for anyone who's seen that beautiful match.

Here, Latigo and Atomic Star spill blood in that same arena. I could have done without the interference which made large portion of this a glorified handicap match, It did help lead into a come-from-underneath visual victory in the end, but there are other ways to do that. There was a ref bump, too.

Either way, despite these issues, this was still a pretty damn entertaining watch and it was fun hearing the crowd behind Latigo so strongly. I was torn on the rating here, but in the end I landed with it just below the "great" rating.

If you don't mind some bullshit and a lot of blood, this was a high drama affair worth your consideration.