Select Match Reviews: CMLL Dia de Muertos Roundup

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Match from Martes 10/29:
1.Rey del Inframundo #1 Contender Cibernetico ***1/2
Matches from Viernes 11/01:
2.Rey del Inframundo: Sanson(c) vs Star Jr ****
3.CMLL World Tag Titles: Los Guerreros Laguneros(c) vs Caristico, Mistico ***1/2

This year, CMLL held a torneo cibernetico to pick a challenger for the annual Rey del Inframundo Championship battle. The contestants included Rey Cometa, Audaz, Star Jr, Ducle Gardenia, Black Panther, Polvora, Virus, Disturbio, Universo 2000 Jr, and Tiger competing to face NGD's Sanson.

The cibernetico had a nice flow and was actually a very good, entertaining watch. Virus was particularly on here, but everyone did well in their roles to make this one worth seeing. Star Jr winning was part of his mini push CMLL gave him recently that none of the gatekeepers seemed to be supportive of.

The championship defense that followed was great, with Star Jr really stepping up big due to the situation and the opportunity. The champ was just a touch below his normal self but that's still pretty dang good. They exceeded my expectations here with a nice mix of high spots and false finishes and drama in general. Fantastic stuff. Consider this one for your list.

To close this roundup, we have one more title defense. The Guerreros versus the original and current Misticos.  Have I mentioned yet that I love these annual Day of the Dead shows? They're just visually fun if nothing else. Anyway, I like this team-up. Caristico has yet to fully get back to that place he was years ago before he left for Vince's little playground but perhaps this will be a nice next step for his career and I don't see it hurting Mistico II in anyway either. I was a bit surprised at the title change, but I have no issue with it and the contest itself. This was pretty good in fact and it's worth giving Gran and Euforia credit as they continue to be a great duo for the company.

Now, don't get me wrong. CMLL has fucked up a lot of things lately. That said, their talent pool is still stacked and everything here was worth checking out (especially Sanson/Star) so, if you want some lucha libre action from the oldest promotion in the world, give these a click!