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Match from Aniversario: Scotch Mist
1.Apuesta: Dasher vs Boomer ****

Since their return, CHIKARA just hasn't been the same. I've enjoyed a match or two, sure, but I used to be hooked on their content and that's just not true these days. In fact, before this, only two matches even made my recommendation list. Alas, not everything lasts forever and CHIKARA's aura has indeed diminished despite housing some of true gems on their roster. The Legion of Rot, the Colony, Ophidian, Dasher, Angelosetti... so much talent. Well, the good news is I found one last match from them this year that not only is going to be added to the list, but also that I truly loved in general.

Who'd have thought that one of the best apuestas of 2019 would come from CHIKARA!

This reminded me of the CHIKARA I used to go out of my to watch, with fantastic story work mixed alongside top notch action. If they can get back to this more often, I'm sure I'll be watching regularly again.

Fingers crossed.