Select Fight Reviews: Last Minute Bellator Roundup

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There are a few fights that missed my gaze this year that I wanted to rewind on, so let's dig in and finish the year out. Note that many of these were flashes with only two even being long enough to rate. In 2020 I'll try to catch more of the big fights and moments, for the record.

1.Bandejas vs Archuleta ***1/2
Bellator 214
Solid work for the first two rounds and a chaotic third. Very good fight overall.

2.Hager vs Kiser NR
Bellator 214
Hager's Bellator debut was a strong one, with a first round submission victory that was so short I didn't even give it a rating. Domination.

3.Sumter vs Felix ***3/4
Bellator 216
This was a roller coaster and nearly ended several times. Determination and desperation were on full display! Great stuff.

4.Hager vs Jones NR
Bellator 221
Dominance continued, though not without controversy. Someone once said that brings in cash, though... Again, too short to rate, but Hager is quickly becoming my favorite Bellator attraction.

5.Minakov vs Johnson NR
Bellator 225
What smell is put off when you burn a giant, fake mustache? This first round spectacle was entertaining and short. That's about all there is to say.

6.Saad vs Goiti NR
Bellator 229
I like Awad. The dude was part of my favorite fight of the year. But, just like that one, he lost again here, but in far more convincing fashion.

7.Hager vs Garrett NR
Bellator 231
Hager dominated this, only taking the L because he kept being a dick by kneeing Garrett in his. What was that about controversy? Still, it's time to start throwing Hager into the fire and seeing how he does against bigger names because the dude is poised to be one of Bellator's stars at this rate. The Inner Circle were in attendance.

8.Fedor vs Rampage NR
Bellator 237
Legends on display, but there is a history of situations like these ending in a crash and burn and Rampage was obviously determined to live that out here. This felt clunky in general.

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