ONE Championship: Top 10 Bouts of the Year Part 3 Review

Feature Card:
1.Ariel vs Amir ****
2.ONE Light Heavyweight Title: Aung La(c) vs Vera ***3/4
3.ONE Women's Strawweight Title: Xiong(c) vs Lee ***3/4

The first fight, and number three in the top ten list rundown, was featured in the most recent Championship Weekly episode (though only the last moments). The full fight was well worth the time, though. No glass jaws here, ladies, gents, and non-binaries. Fantastic stuff.

If you missed the second on that 12/19 episode, it too is worth seeing. That one was started in the second, with this presentation continuing the theme of showing the full fight, instead. As a result, I'm taking the ***1/2 rating and bumping it up a tad as the entire thing made for a slightly better viewing experience. This was Vera's only fight this year, by the way. Hopefully next year he'll be back and ready to defend his own belt.

The fight ONE picked as their number one for 2019 was also showcased on the 12/19 edition. I gave that a NR since it was just a flash shown, but once again the full fight as seen here deserved more praise. I had already went out of my way to see this months ago, too. Simply put, it was great!

ONE is my main source of MMA for a reason, and if you want to see some of the best of what they had to offer this year make sure to check this three video series out!

Overall Rating: 95/100%

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