WRESTLE-1 TV #134 + 135 Thoughts

Time to catch up on one of my favorite weekly shows. Let's just get through the two I missed at the same time...
On this episode, we get coverage from the last night of the Updraft tour and the ongoing Tag League. Nothing looked bad, but nothing really looked must-see either, outside of maybe the last two. The biggest stories include Pantera winning a three-way against his biggest competitors, Strong Hearts won a non-tournament match, and Enfants won a six-man. The two tournament contests saw Alejandro and Kono pick up a W and a tie between the champ, Inaba, and his partner, Doi against Strong Hearts members, El Lindaman and Seiki.

The latest episode of W1 TV starts the Autumn Bout Tour coverage and looks at two different events.

In Strong Hearts news, El Lindaman, in OWE tights, picked up a solo win, and T-Hawk did some spanking and then helped lead his trio to a six-man win. Inaba and Doi picked up a huge tournament victory over Soya and Kondo and the Tag Champs, Enfants Terribles (Ashino and Kodama) won a tournament main event. That last one looked like the MOTN.

The second night showcased here saw Dupree and Kuma beat El Lindaman and Seiki and then Irie and T-Hawk beat Pegaso and Tonsho, with the Strong Hearts breaking even in tournament matches for the evening. Both looked decent.

Neither of these were really must-see episodes for anyone that isn't hooked on the brand. That said, I still hope you watch at least some content from the company this week. They are easily a top three underrated fed and I continue to enjoy even their b-show episodes.

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