Hey, You!

So, I have a lot of fandoms, with wrestling obviously being the top one.

That said, my time is so stretched out that you might have noticed that the blog has been fluctuating a lot of late.

With fatherhood always taking top priority, and then adding in everything else (especially with Nets and Devils seasons starting up), I have been simply feeling a weight on my shoulders that simply isn't needed.

So, going forward, I will say that I will be shortening my wrestling pulls down a bit. It'll generally take stronger recommendations for me to watch stuff going forward.

I still love DDT, NOAH, AAA, etc. But know ahead of time that I will limit my focus a bit on the best of the best, giving my personal thoughts on them, and then confirming how I fall on them. That means the weekly roundup is dead for now. The only weekly feature you should expect is the new AEW roundup posts and Wrestle-1 episode thoughts.

Past that, everything else will be a "select match review" post or, on rare occasion, a full event/episode review.

This starts now, but know that this should help pick up activity better here and provide for a better overall experience. Maybe I'll even have some time for ONE again.

Oh, and Red's Wrestling Show isn't dead. It's just a semi-regular series that I am reformating.

Check out episode one here:

Thanks for everyone that checks out the blog and make sure to drop a comment or something sometime.