Dragon Gate Cutting Edge Battle #43 Review

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1.Ishida vs Okuda vs Hyo **
2.R.E.D., Diamante vs Team Toryumon **1/2

This episode was pretty story heavy. More specifically, it was loaded with R.E.D. developments.

We start with three-way action with three of the top young rising stars of Dragon Gate. The match was decent for what it was but, if we're being honest, it was mainly meant to just exist to set up the finish which saw Hyo turn rudo, attacking his Michizoku Dojo partner and leaving the unit. He will now be part of R.E.D. in a move that I hope helps push his career in a positive manner.

Real quick, expect a lot of throwback reviews of DGUSA stuff soon. That's still on of my favorite promotions ever and I got a great deal on DVDs on the WWN site to help pad out my collection.

To close, the heels and the throwbacks had a good match but nothing you had to rush and see. The big news here was Kanda turning on his unit in a strange move. I'm not sure it'll do much for him, but it does make room for Hyo nicely enough. Eita then brings out two dudes wearing cheap demon masks and says they're also new members but teases that we won't get more about them until later.

Really, unless you just love Ultimo Dragon or you really wanna see what's going on with R.E.D., you can skip this one.

Overall Rating: 60/100%