The Tag League concludes on this week's W1 TV, as does the trend of weeks of filler episodes. That's not a big deal for me since I sincerely enjoy basically every episode but it does make it harder to recommend the series to newcomers.

Anyway, let's dig in!

The opener saw Enfants members, Kodama and Arai eat an L to Doi and Honda. It seemed rather throwaway, to be honest. The Strong Hearts got to show off a bit in the follow up, getting basically a throwaway win of their own. The biggest thing in that one was Zayne looking good alongside the unit.

The Cruiserweight Champ brought in backup in the form of El Pantera and Pantera Jr for the three-spot trios contest, where they knocked off Kaz, MAZADA, and Andy Wu in a fun looking division showcase. I hope we get the family back for more very soon!

Seiki challenged for the belt after which included a cheap attack on the champ. The only person I want taking the belt from Hijo del Pantera and him so it's a win-win for me.

Novelty action followed, with Lindaman (pulling double duty tonight and wearing a wig here) teaming with Soya to take on Kono and Alejandro. The young Strong Hearts member came off like a star here.

Onita came out after to help tease some of the matches for the next tour.

Minoru Tanaka (working here as "Heat")  beat Pegaso next in what looked like a fairly good, back and forth encounter between the two.

The semi had CIMA and Kondo taking on Jiro and Ashino in basically a relevos increibles tag match. They all seemed to have fun in this one-off and it was an interesting experience seeing it happen. Jiro and Ashino embrace after and then Jiro and Kondo laugh it all off.

The finals saw Enfants Terribles members Kuma and Dupree fall to the Strong Hearts duo of T-Hawk and Irie. I'm pretty sure T-Hawk nearly chopped Kuma into the future, by the way. And I'm still not huge on Dupree being on the cards, but he was serviceable enough for the tour and tournament so it is what it is. This set up a huge title match which I am very much looking forward to. Hell, the upcoming tour in general looks pretty fun...

Filler episodes are easy to skip, but this one was a fairly big installment so take the time to give it a click when you can!