Match from Pro Wrestling NOAH N-1 Victory 09/07
1.Kongoh vs Kaito, Taniguchi, Hammerstone ***1/2
2.Marufuji vs Sugiura ****

Our pulls from this one start with pretty good six-man action, with Kaito/Kenou being the biggest story. Props to Hammerstone by the way for a decent tour. He got a good amount of time to shine here too as he served as his team's workhorse. I'd be okay seeing him return soon and this seemed to be symbolic of that happening.

The main event saw Marufuji close out the N-1 with another L, finishing winless in the tournament. Props to the ace for eating that many falls, putting over his competition each time. That's a true leader. Add in this fantastic battle between these two top dogs and I have nothing but respect and praise to give out.

Watch both of these.