Select Match Reviews: Open the Kobe Gate

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Matches from Dragon Gate Kobe World
1.Kzy vs Skywalker ***3/4
2.Brave Gate Title: Susumu(c) vs Flamita ***1/2
3.Ultimo Dragon, Yoshino, Dragon Kid vs Mochizuki, Kondo, Sugawara ****
4.Twin Gate Title, Elimination Tag: Tribe Vanguard(c) vs RED vs MaxiMuM ****1/2
5.Dream Gate Title: PAC(c) vs Ben-K ****

Dragon Gate's biggest show of the year delivered, as expected!

The first pull was great, with both men continuing to play their roles perfectly, just like they always do. The Natural Vibe entrance was pretty spectacular, too. I'm admittedly surprised this was booked at all, but I love that both workers were gifted a big singles contest on such a huge show at all.

The first championship defense that I watched was pretty good. Susumu is one of my favorite workers on the roster. Flamita is a guy I enjoy in Mexico but that tends to disappoint in DG. They worked well and it was pretty good, but I admittedly thought it'd be a tad better.

Up third, Ultimo officially returned in an fantastic six-man. If you are even slightly a fan of the promotion, you NEED to watch this one. Not only for the historical significance, but also because it serves well as a showcase of the company is all about. This is easily one of my favorite matches of the year.

The semi was one of the best team based matches of the year, full of chaos and insanity in a way that most promotions can't even begin to imagine pulling off. The right team won, too. This is my MOTN and a MOTYC.

We closed with Ben-K claiming his official spot as the top dog of Dragon Gate and the true future of the promotion. I admire the way PAC has acted since leaving WWE and the payoff was more than worth the wait. Not only was the match fantastic, with top shelf action and great storytelling, but the moment Ben-K won is so important that it would have been required viewing even if the contest didn't rock! What's next isn't certain, but I'm beyond excited to see how it plays out.

Everything here that I watched and reviewed was worth seeing and I hope you show Dragon Gate some love and take a look.

It's been an amazing 20 years and I hope we get 20 more!