Select Match Reviews: G1 Roundup #6

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Matches from Nights 17-19

Night Seventeen
1.KENTA vs Sabre ***3/4
2.Tanahashi vs Ospreay ****1/4
3.Okada vs Kota ****1/2
Night Eighteen
4.Ishii vs Taichi ****1/4
5.Juice vs Moxley ***3/4
6.SHINGO vs Goto ****1/4
7.Naito vs White ****
Night Nineteen
8.Bullet Club vs CHAOS, KENTA **3/4
9.Suzuki-gun vs Okada, Tanahashi ***1/2
10.G1 Finals: White vs Kota ****1/4

This has been one hell of a ride and one of the best tournaments in wrestling history. It took a bit longer than I wanted to finish it off for a variety of reasons but I'm glad to have been able to see all of these fantastic matches and I am thankful New Japan exists.

The storytelling on display during the G1 met a great conclusion here. Ospreay beating Tana, Kota winning the block with victory over Okada made night 17 special. Night 18 saw Taichi actually try (a rare sight), Juice get a victory back over Mox, SHINGO show once again how awesome he is, and Naito taking a shocking fall to White.

All of that takes a backseat, though, to the finals.

KENTA joining the Bullet Club was one of the biggest wrestling moments ever and lit the wrestling world on fire for a few days. Shibata's eventual return is going to be special. The finals saw Kota earn his spot at WK by beating White in an awesome main event. Add in Suzuki and Sabre taking down Tana and Okada and you have one hell of a night of action.

The G1 is a perfect definition of what makes wrestling special and if you missed out I hope you fix that mistake as soon as possible.