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0.Private Party vs Gueros del Cielo
This should be a fun way to get things started. With the announcement of Private Party versus the Bucks having a rematch of their HOG contest for TNT expect Private Party to take the win.

1.Shida vs Riho
I heard that the winner of this one will take on the battle royal winner to crown the first AEW Women's Champ. I'm a bit torn on who gets the nod here but with Kenny being officially announced for a DDT return with Riho as his partner once again I could see Riho winning this AND the title match and bringing the belt with her.

2.Women's Casino Battle Royale
Baker wins this one. I'm not sure who the surprises will be but Lita is one possibility and AAA and TJP names are also likely. If they are going to make Baker the inaugural champion like many think than perhaps change the predicted outcome of the above match and set up Baker versus Shida for TNT.

3.Darby vs Janela vs Havoc
I'm torn here. Janela would have seemed like a lock a few months ago but after the way they've booked Darby I think he's pulling this one out. Havoc will take eat the pin, and this should be rather decent.

4.Best Friends vs Dark Order
The winner here gets a first round bye in the tag tournament. Expect the Dark Order to win and make it to the finals of the tournament.

5.PAC vs Omega
With Mox sadly pulling out they at least got the perfect replacement. I expected PAC on the show either way but it makes sense to ruin the surprise considering the circumstances. PAC is now free of the Dream Gate belt and able to put people over but I actually am 50/50 on who wins this one. Omega is still seeking redemption after his Jericho lose. PAC falling on his official AEW debut seems strange, though. Flip a coin?

6.Cody vs Spears
This might be heavy in antics. That said, it could be an exciting circus act and should be a good way of making Spears the hottest heel in AEW. Who seconds Cody will be very important to the layout.

7.AAA Tag Titles, Escalera de la Muerte: Lucha Bros(c) vs Young Bucks
Fenix worked last night, albeit taking it easy (for him), and looks fine for this one. Their matches in this series have all been enjoyable and this one should be a perfect way to end(?) the feud (for now). The Bucks will fall here.

8.AEW World Title: Jericho vs Hangman
I see no way Page wins this but the purpose of this match is getting a big enough underdog performance out of him that he wins the fans over which will help elevate him for future main event spots. That or they could do a double turn. Either way, Jericho walks out of Chicago as the inaugural champ.

Additional Thoughts:
This show is very important and is the last big show before their TV debut. For that reason you should expect a lot of plot points throughout the show and maybe a surprise or two for good measure. Now, I'm not saying Punk or anything and the PAC surprise is gone now but there still might be something here. Either way, make sure you tune in for this one.