Select Match Reviews: Slammin' Anniversary

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Matches from Impact Slammiversary
1.Impact Tag Titles: North(c) vs LAX vs Rascalz ***
2.Knockouts Title, Monster's Ball: Taya(c) vs Rosemary vs Su Yung vs Havok ***1/2
3.X-Division Title: Swann(c) vs Impact ***1/2
4.Impact World Title: Cage(c) vs Elgin ***3/4
5.Sami vs Tessa ***1/2

I didn't have time for the full show, but I hear the opener and first blood matches are decent, too. That said, these pulls prove what I already knew. The fact is that Impact is better now than they've been in a very long time. I just wish the fans that they drove away with constant bullshit were still watching. I'd actually say that they are more ROH right now that ROH.

Yea, 2019 is a strange year.

Anyway, let's take a look at the pulls.

The Tag Championship match was good, but the injury seemed to change the plans up a bit and might have caused the finish to be moved up. I have a hard time believing this was meant to be under eight minutes long. Still, a good outing. With LAX reportedly moving on soon, The North and Rascalz are set to step up big and have all the ability to do just that.

The monster's ball outcome surprised me until I found out that Johnny was now a free agent. I can't help thinking it might have been a desire to try to get him back by keeping the belt on Taya. I'm likely wrong and actually have no issue with her retaining as she is the best women on the active roster not named Tessa. The match itself was a fun enough plunder show. I applaud Impact for putting something like this out, especially while they are seeking a new home, as this is far more progressive than most of what WWE is doing that they keep patting themselves on the back for. Very good match.

Speaking of Hennigan, the next pull saw Johnny putting over Swann on his way out in an enjoyable X-Division match. Swann fits the mold for the division perfectly and has been a fun champ. I could have done without the bullshit stuff, but it did help put Swann over even more in overcoming it all, so that's good, at least. Very good match that could have been great if they had played it clean.

The last championship match was also a surprise for me, as Elgin looked positioned as a clear favorite. Fuck me, though, as they kept it on the babyface and then used an angle after to keep to story going. The finish protected Elgin, too. I guess they saw more life in the feud and thought Rhyno was a good way to extend it. No complaints from me. I actually wouldn't mind Elgin teaming with The North as a faction by the way. My only real fear here is how they plan to use Rhyno who is admittedly limited. The title match was a great hoss battle either way and and one of the best matches they've put out  this year. Add another two minutes and a better finish at Bound for Glory, please. Don't miss this one, for sure.

We close with a match I know is controversial, as some people really hate intergender stuff. I wish they would have cut the ref bump stuff, but this was still very good. Callihan wins, but Tessa looked good in defeat and got a nice moment after. I hope they do more with her versus men or they put the Knockouts strap back on her asap. Either way.

It sucks that I left Dallas months before all of these shows, but it is what it is. Impact succeeded here and once again proved why you should be watching.

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