MLW Kings of Colosseum Review

1.MLW Nat OW Title: Hammerstone(c) vs Kotto **1/2
2.Reed vs Rey Horus **1/2
3.MLW HW Title: Lawlor(c) vs Fatu **3/4

MLW's special episodes tend to be fun, and this was certainly an interesting hour of wrestling. It also served as a prime example of why I don't watch every episode, too.

I still see no reason for another singles belt, but I'm all for open challenge gimmick matches and the opener was a solid outing. Hammerstone is talented, but he is far from great so it went about how I expected.

The midcard match was ok, but featured far too much interference from Oliver and the contest was hurt pretty badly from a quality standpoint as a result.

The main event was a nice surprise, showing a lack of predictability that most promotions lack. I applaud them for the title change, especially since the Lawlor run hasn't been to the level I thought it'd be.

Mix in Konnan teasing new talent coming in as allies, and you have an uneven, yet largely entertaining special episode. For everything MLW does right, they do at least one thing wrong but I can't help but find myself enjoying their messy content either way.

Don't watch this one based off of match quality, but consider skipping around it if you're bored at the time.

Overall Rating: 60/100%

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