Select Match Reviews: Getting Dirty in Naucalpan

Matches from IWRG 06/23
1.Bisoferia, Canibal, Galactus vs Aguila Oriental, Dranzer, Rey Halcon Jr. ***
2.Angel Estrella Jr., Chef Benito, Fireman vs Guero Palma, Guerrero 2000, Kanon **3/4
3.Torneo FILL: IWRG vs MexaWrestling ***1/4
4.Dragon Bane, Hijo Canis Lupus vs Los Traumas ***

+Lucha didn't include everything from this show that I wanted to see so I'm using the above video for the last two matches and this channel for the earlier two. Just a heads up.

The first pull was a nice trios clash that played the hits nicely in sprint form. Good stuff and a nice way to check out random, smaller names that you likely don't see very often.

The second was pretty decent, but it just lacked in too many categories to be anything major. For a random, throwaway six-man, it was still nice.

Time for Mexa vs IWRG, which can be viewed in the above video starting around the sixteen minute mark.

Like usual, the quality dips a bit depending on who's in the ring, but this still played out nicely like most of these do. The early section had enough fun encounters to keep it from being a real mess and the rapid fire eliminations section was rather enjoyable. Fairly good match, but a touch below my expectations.

The main event basically saw the Traumas beating the shit out of Dragon Bane and Hijo de Canis Lupus, the tecnicos getting a flash pin after showing resilience throughout, and then another beatdown after. Black Terry was involved, too. It was good stuff for what it was, but nothing more than a setup for something that'll likely be better when they run it.

In all, this was an enjoyable show but not one you need to check out unless you just really want to.

FILL Participants: Angelito, Atomic Boy, Baby Star, Kalibus, Pegazus, Principe Aereo, Shere Khan & Torito Negro vs Auzter, Black Dragon, Chicanito, Death Metal, Latino, Leo, Neza Kid & Puma de Oro

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