Red's Top Factions of 2019

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Let's add one more category, this time looking at the best factions/units (4+ members) of the year. Remember that this is tied in directly to the match quality they've been putting out, specifically when teaming up.

Honorable Mentions: ALL OUT, Undisputed Era, Tribe Vanguard, MaxiMuM, Inner Circle

10. Suzuki-gun
Minoru and Sabre have been a fun duo this year, but you can't count out the rest of the group, either. One of NJPW's top units, these lovable assholes will fuck up anything in their way to get the job done.

9. Bullet Club
While the ELITE did leave, BC is 4 Life and the faction is still rolling strong. White had a run as IWGP Heavyweight Champ and remains a central part of the top card in NJPW, KENTA joined in one of the best angles of the year, and the rest of the group continues to do well. Never count out BizCliz.

8. Villain Enterprises
Scurll, PCO, King, and now Flip. They've been booked strong and they're always entertaining. Arguably, VE is the best thing about ROH right now and they've dominated the six-man division so strongly that they were given custom belts. Expect Marty to leave soon leaving the group in question.

They're not as close as you might want from a faction, but CHAOS members are always in the title picture and arguably house the best roster members of New Japan. When they do unite, look out!

6. R.E.D.
Dragon Gate focuses heavily on units so it makes sense that so many fill out the list. Most of the major storylines this year featured RED in one way or another and they feature some of the best talents in the company. DG heel units are always entertaining but RED is the best one we've had in a while (if not the best ever).

5. Lifeblood
Yea, I wish ROH would book them a bit stronger but Lifeblood is everything that's good about current Ring of Honor in one package, even with the weird situation with Juice. Too bad it looks like they're dissolving...

4.Los Ingobernables de Japon
New Japan might book these guys rather strangely at times, but there's no denying the sheer amount of talent in their ranks. Naito, SHINGO, EVIL, SANADA, BUSHI, and the return of the amazing Hirmou! What's not to love?

Kenou's group of assholes have been one of the best things about NOAH this year and I'm always eager to see what's next. They just ran a produce show adding two junior members along the way, too.

2. Strong Hearts
CIMA's boys are all over the place and excel at every matchup and situation they're given. They hold gold everywhere they go and I hope AEW books them strongly on TNT. Never miss a Strong Hearts match!

1. The ELITE
AEW was destined to be a force in the game, and The ELITE are quietly having a great year with high quality matches while building stars at the same time. When it comes to factions, these guys are truly...elite!

Updated 12/31 COMPLETE 

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