IMPACT Slammiversary Preview

Sadly, I moved away from Dallas a few months ago or I'd likely be at this one. Anyway, here's the card and a short preview before the event. Note that the show begins at 8 eastern on Fite.

1.TJP X-Division Open Challenge
I don't follow Impact close enough to have a feel for who the surprise opponent will be, but usually these types of matches are booked with a "big" name in mind knowing that they could plug someone else in if needed. I'd be ok with any of these choices.

2.Moose vs RVD
This won't be a good match, but will be a statement victory for Moose as they continue to build him up. Or, if will be if they are smart.

3.Callihan vs Tessa
One of the most intriguing matches of the night. The way they've been booking Tessa has been pretty great and I think they are planning on keeping the train going. The fall will hurt Sami a tad, but he's a team player and can bounce back. This one is a MOTN contender on paper and I give Impact props for booking it.

4.First Blood: Kross vs Edwards
Does Kross still want out? If so, expect this to be about putting Eddie over on his way back to the title picture. That is, unless they think giving him a win over Edwards here will help get him to stay, but that'd be a poor idea.

5.Impact Tag Titles: The North(c) vs LAX vs Rascalz (Xavier, Wentz)
This will either be a fun sprint or a major spotfest depending on how much time they give them. LAX have been pillars of the show of late and their opponents here are more than game to make this memorable. With reports that LAX might be leaving, I have the Rascalz winning here by pinning Santana or Ortiz (or both at the same time) and setting up a long rivalry between them and The North.

6.X-Division Title: Swann(c) vs Johnny Impact
I still disagree with having Johnny in the X-Division, but at least it SHOULD set up a major win for someone when they take the belt from him. If you can't tell, I have him winning this. It should be a solid contest.

7.Impact Knockouts Title, Monster's Ball: Taya(c) vs Rosemary vs Su Yung vs Havok
This should play to the strengths of everyone involved and be a nice, likely short, chaotic frenzy. Havok was brought back to be a player and will likely win, giving Rosemary a strong enemy to work with moving forward.

8.Impact World Title: Cage(c) vs Elgin
Big lads wrestling! Elgin was signed as a statement and has been booked as such. Face champs don't tend to last long and you should expect a title change here. If they map this out well before, it could be great.

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