Hello, everyone. Every year since I started PWD, I've ran award polls for the middle of the year as well as the end of the year. We've arrived at this year's mid-year section and spent the last two weeks voting on seven categories.

Let's take a look at the results:

1.Best Match: Dustin vs Cody
My Pick: Dustin vs Cody
Honorable Mention: SHINGO vs Ospreay

2.Best Male Wrestler: Ospreay
My Pick: Ospreay
Honorable Mention: WALTER

3.Best Team: LAX
My Pick: Lucha Bros
Honorable Mention: AXIZ, Lucha Bros

4.Best Female Wrestler: Tessa
My Pick: Momo
Honorable Mention: Hoshiki, Storm

5.Best Promotion: New Japan
My Pick: NJPW
Honorable Mention: NOAH

6.Best Special Event: Double or Nothing
My Pick: Double or Nothing/TakeOver: New York
Honorable Mention: TakeOver: New York

7.Best Weekly Series: Impact Wrestling
My Pick: WWE 205Live/DG Cutting Edge
Honorable Mention: NXT

Thanks to all who participated.