DDT Why is the Elephant's Nose Long Review

1.DISASTER BOX vs New Wrestling Aidoru vs Brookes, Watase vs Gota, Yamato vs Sanshiro, Kuragaki NR

Fuck it, I'm not much for comedy wrestling but DDT is winning me over not only with their main events but also with their other stuff. The pool show was far better than it had any right to be, so let's see if a show with elephants walking around does the same.

A large section in the early potion saw the workers playing goalie against an elephant. It rained a tad. Basically, this is a large portion of the DDT roster doing random spots in the dirt and around a zoo. It led to some unique situations. I mean, where else will you see Chris Brookes dunked into a wheelbarrow of elephant shit?

This wasn't as fun as the pool show and is the ultimate niche of a niche style show, but I was at least entertained and that's what matters most. My face is swollen up and I'm in pain and it helped distract me, plus my kids loved it.

No rating will be given for obvious reasons, but if you want something funny you could consider it.

Overall Rating: Elephant Trunk/100%

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